5 Tips for Moving your House

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Moving a house isn’t a pleasant experience. Between the MuvingApp team alone, we counted over a dozen moves in the past 10 years – an average of one move, per employee, every two years. Those moves were partly the reason why we decided to start MuvingApp – to make the entire moving experience more convenient and stress-free as possible.

We asked our team members a simple question:

If you have to move again, what’s the #1 thing you’d do differently, that will make the move more convenient?

So without further ado, here are the top 5 tips for moving your house, from the MuvingApp team:

5. There’s no such thing as ‘too many boxes’

You never know how things will roll out. You never know which items you’d like to pack separately. You never be able to accurately predict how many boxes you’ll need. So take your mover’s estimation, add 10% (or even 15% if you have kids) – and that’s the exact number of boxes you’ll need.

Man with boxes4. Outsource non-critical moving tasks when possible

There’s no convenient time to move, something will always be in the way. Yes, you could move next month, but who knows what will be then – new job? bad weather? kids’ on vacation? Unlike our parents, who moved on their own, usually with little external help, 2016 is different. Nowadays you can pretty much outsource the entire move: packaging, packing, un-packing, sorters (ppl sorting your stuff after you unpack the box) and much more. Don’t stress yourself, outsource.

3. If possible, leave cloths inside drawers and closets

Why take your stuff out of the closet, pack it in a box, unpack it at the new house and then put it back in the closet? Many movers today are equipped with machinery to lift heavy loads – such as beds, sofas, closets and more. Just verify your mover understand the closets and drawers are full, as they need to be packaged and handled with care.

2. Don’t move to a house that’s still under renovations, even the smallest of renovations

Delivery day is just as difficult as the moving day. Lots of hassle, noise, pressure to sort the basics before nightfall, connect your utilities and more. If you’re renovating the house you’re moving to, WAIT until all renovation work is done and checked.

1. Check that all of your stuff arrived and are unharmed

Take the day or two after the delivery day to unwind, it’s only fair. But then, count your boxes, make sure that everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, arrived, and arrived in one piece, unharmed. While most movers give you 3-6 months insurance, reimburse you for damages, we recommend you don’t wait. During that 1st week your mind is still fresh, you remember which item was packed in what box and in which room the mover placed it. So it’s easier, and faster to account for everything.

MuvingApp is changing the power balance between clients and movers, offering a free visual inventory tool to create a binding, non-disputable quote. Download MuvingApp from the App Store to learn more.


  1. Robert Smith

    Colour-code your packing boxes and apply a different colour for each room in the house and colour-code your boxes accordingly e.g. all items in a yellow box go in the kitchen, boxes with a red label go in the living room etc.

    1. Dvir Reznik

      Great tip Robert!
      numbering the boxes with a different number per different room would also do the trick…

  2. emily bennette

    I like that you pointed out that there is nothing as having too many boxes. My sister is getting ready to move out of her home and she is trying to use as few boxes as possible. That has made most of her boxes really heavy and looking like they are about to explode. It does seem like a good idea to have a professional help you move if you do have a lot of heavy boxes.

    1. Dvir Reznik

      We share the same view Emily – ending up with a bunch of boxes weighing 100-Pounds each could turn out to be counter-productive on moving day…

  3. Sarah Anderson

    Indeed, there is nothing wrong with more boxes. It takes more time, but things will be stacked better and safer in the truck, and everything will be organized as you want them. Personally, I find the loss of time is worth it.

    1. Dvir Reznik

      Spot on Sarah! and it also reduces the breakage risk..

  4. Justin Knox

    My family and I will be moving soon, and we are looking for creative ways to make it more manageable. I definitely think outsourcing some things would ease a lot of the stress. Do you think the most important help to get is just a professional moving service?

    1. Dvir Reznik

      Hi Justin,
      Its a cost-benefit issue really. If you’re looking for convenience, there’s no doubt a professional moving company is your best bet – especially if you also use their full-packing services so the hassle to you, before the move, is minimal. but it comes at a price obviously.
      When selecting a moving company I would suggest that you go for a reputable company with proper insurance and certificates and then make sure your inventory list is crystal clear and accurate before you sign the contract – to avoid re-price scenarios…

  5. Kody Loveless

    I really like the idea of getting 10-15% more boxes than my mover’s estimate. Boxes are pretty cheap. I can live with a few extra boxes left over at the end. I will have to talk to my wife and see what she thinks. I believe we are having our movers pack for us, so maybe I will not have to worry about the boxes.

    1. Dvir Reznik

      Spot on Kody 🙂

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