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MuvingApp for iPhoneMuvingApp is a well-funded startup company working to increase transparency and improve the trust between clients and movers. Our solution is comprised of two components:

  1. An iPhone/iPad app for clients or on-site estimators
  2. The Mover’s Dashboard, to manage clients’ quotes and orders.

MuvingApp created the industry’s first Visual Inventory view of the client’s entire house, using sophisticated image-recognition and 3D rendering technologies.

Benefits for Movers

Improve Operational Efficiency

Instead of spending hours on the road or doing on-site estimations, the client can create a visual inventory of their entire house in under 10min. Using our Mover Dashboard, you can analyze the client’s order, price every item and every room, before sending the client a binding, non-disputable quote.

Reduce Insurance Claims

No re-pricing on moving day, no disputes over items and most importantly – less insurance claims. The visual inventory keeps everyone in-sync, with minimum surprises while increasing transparency.

Expand Your Online Presence

By joining the MuvinqApp Platform you’re opening up your business to a variety of online opportunities and promotions. Contact our team to learn more on Featured placements and special offers.

Make Sales 24/7

With MuvingApp your business is open for new moving orders 24/7. Clients can shoot panoramas of their house at 4am, receive a quote at 5am and book the move before your morning coffee.

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